A change audit is like a doctor ordering a battery of tests to ensure a good outcome.  Analytical measurements of Theory ZYX serve the same purpose as x-ray machines, EKG machines, blood analyzers, etc.  Unique patented Analytical Measurements and wide ranging Numerical Indices that are quintessential to Theory ZYX  of Successful Change Management not only instill strong discipline in Change Management but also act as early predictors of future results long before the data on results shows up in normal business statistics. Theory ZYX of Successful Change Management ensures success every time across the entire spectrum ranging from Vision Development to Continuous Improvement to Reaching the Next Level, at any initiative that requires  successful change management.

                                                                                                     Nigam Arora
Change Audit is an Early predictor of Success
Organizations do financial audits. They do safety audits. They take physical inventory. But they rarely ever think of a change audit.

Theory ZYX framework offers a new innovative tool: A structured Change Audit. A Change Audit utilizes the quintessential Analytical Measurements of Theory ZYX.

The first Change Audit sets up a baseline on all pertinent aspects that need to change including all elements of the Z Axis, the Y Axis and the X Axis. The audit can include both internal and external constituencies.

Subsequent audits can be Mini Audits with specific narrow focus. It is best to preplan the audits as an integral part of the change framework. Typical internal constituency includes employees. Typical external constituencies include customers, suppliers, stockholders, Wall Street, banks and regulators.

The baseline not only helps in better formulations of plans and better implementation but also allows further measurements that act as early indicators long before the results show up in normal business statistics.  As an early predictor of future business results, the value of a Change Audit is immense.
Analytical Measurements in Action

The best way to illustrate the power of Theory ZYX’s analytical measurements is through examples.  Several examples follow.


Consider the example of an organization where a change audit at interval n revealed that the Z Composite Index (planning) and the Z Challenge Index were in the Outstanding category.  The overall YX Composite Index (combination of the execution and people elements) turned out to be in the Good category.  The interpretation was that this organization had an extremely high probability of success.

A mini-change audit at interval n + 3 months showed that both the Z Composite Index and the Z Challenge Index had slipped a notch to the Very Good category.  Further analysis revealed that the slip was due to market conditions changing in the preceding three months.  Meanwhile, the management’s focus on execution and the human elements involved was beginning to pay off as was evident from the YX Composite Index moving up to the Very Good category.  The interpretation was that the management needed to stay on course

Must replace the managers

Senior executives have charged managers of a division to execute change. The managers collectively exhibit levels of Conditioning and Inductivity that fall in the Poor Category.  Fear and Mistrust fall in the Fair Category. Forced by lack of progress, Senior executives intervene. The executives are progressive and able to recognize that the level of Fear and Mistrust are too high. They guarantee the Managers. job security, communicate effectively about the plan and start talking to the Managers about their intentions regarding the division. A subsequent Mini Change Audit shows that Fear and Mistrust have improved to the Good Category


 The Cardinal Sin

The cardinal sin of Change Management is an attempt to execute change by providing functional, technical systems knowledge without adequately preparing the organization for change and not developing the ability as well as momentum to generate desired results.

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted 28 patent claims on Theory ZYX Change Method and System.
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