"As I look back at the successful changes we have made over the years, we intuitively followed the principles of Theory ZYX, but we never had such a clear roadmap in front of us. The innovative, insightful, actionable roadmap that Theory ZYX clearly lays out for Change Management will help almost any organization succeed."

Seward Horner
Riverview Hospital

"Our industry is going through massive change. To cope with the change, successful companies have been using some of the elements of Theory ZYX, but there has not been a complete roadmap. For the first time, Nigam Arora's brilliance, wide ranging experience, and passion for experimenting with change models has produced a comprehensive integrated framework in Theory ZYX that is pragmatic, analytical, and solves the mysteries of human behavior in adapting to change."

Raj Rao
Indiana Municipal Power Agency

"The intellectually sound recognition in Theory ZYX of the importance of the employee motivation to the success of the merger process makes all the difference in the ultimate success."

Ed Martin
Wabash Valley Power

"An organization, commercially or socially centered, is like a living organism. Its vital signs must be scientifically and accurately measured, the right dosage of the right agent must be delivered to the right member, and a follow-up checkup must be performed in order to improve its wellness. Theory ZYX approaches change management in this same manner; therefore, distinguishing itself from all other change management methods."

Ali Jamshidi
First Energy

"Theory ZYX is a fine practical piece of work! I am wholeheartedly in agreement with Theory ZYX. The X dimension is the key difference.  The ideas on group conditioning are right on."

Ken Verbic
Past Chairman

"The ability to manage 'Change' effectively and rapidly is still a tough goal to reach for most organizations. Theory ZYX is a new approach to succeed at this critical task. The Analytical Measurements that Theory ZYX advocates clearly increase the probability of success."

Vinod Khilnani
CTS Corp

"I especially like the Theory ZYX concept of doing a Change Audit- How do you know your level of success without establishing a baseline, and then measuring after the process begins? Very much a common sense approach, but it is not performed by most change management methodologies."

David A. Resnick
Managing Partner
Katz, Sapper & Miller

"Change is disruptive. Transparency towards employees and management is equally important. The transparency towards management has been vastly improved by the logic and quantification, which Nigam Arora proposes in Theory ZYX."

Joerg Schreiber
Vice President Business Development and R&D
Roche Diagnostics Corp

"In Theory ZYX, Nigam Arora has described a pathway through successful change that can save significant lost time and productivity. Experience has taught us that even positive change implemented for the best reasons can produce unintended results. A good leader can follow Nigam's approach and greatly enhance the probability of success."

John Gillman
Executive Director
Progress Energy Service Company

"Moving our Public Utilities (Water, Wastewater, and Electric) forward with continuous improvement and a high level of customer service has indeed involved 'the artful interaction of many of the 12 elements of Theory ZYXChange Management.  Combining vision and strategy with ambition (enthusiasm), ability, and momentum (the right action at the right time) while overcoming fear and mistrust have been key factors in our success in achieving our mission and goal of reliable, quality, responsive, and cost effective utility services.  Collective excellence and building effective teams is possible by following Theory ZYXChange Management."

Allan Poole
General Manager
Naperville PUD

"This is a must-read book for everyone dealing with change. Theory ZYX model is comprehensive, versatile and practical. The book describes innovative analytical measurements that ensure success.  You would think that a book on a deep subject like change management has to be boring. This book is an exception --- it is a fast read. 95 real life case histories not only illustrate the concepts, but also make it hard to put this book down."

John Weaver

"As the CEO of a high growth company, I have to periodically change our strategies to meet new challenges. We have a great team of people, but still it takes my team longer to adopt to the changes than I would like. I was struggling with this problem for years. I have paid lot of money to consultants, but results have not been there. I received Theory ZYX book as a gift from a friend who is also a CEO.  As I read Chapter nine, a light bulb turned on; it was as though this chapter was specifically written for my company. Now I know the root cause and the solution.  I highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with change."

Berry Johnson

"I have consulted this book at least once a month since buying it. The book is full of practical insights that I have directly applied to critical projects. I have bought a copy of this book for every manager in my division. I recommend this book to anyone engaged in creating or managing change."

Max Jameson

"Using the framework of Theory ZYX my organization has been able to change the culture without disruption to our business. The total buy-in on the part of all team members to our initiative to change the culture was key. With Theory ZYX we were able to succeed at change.  A book for any manager responsible for successful change."

June Murphy

"This book is a reference book that belongs on every leader's desk. As a leader, I am always creating change and challenging my people to perform at a higher level. I find myself referring to this book over and over again.  To date, I have found practical answers and deep insights into every situation I have encountered. The book is very well indexed making it easy to efficiently retrieve the information I need."

Jim Anderson

Theory ZYX is the perfect methodology for changing the corporate culture. I have been using it to develop a higher performance culture in my company. I especially find analytical measurements of Theory ZYX very useful.  I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to change the corporate culture.

Jay Harris

Nigam's 33 Laws of Change Management alone are worth at least 100 times more than the price of the book. These 33 laws have alredy helped my company stop making several mistakes that we were making. These laws make the light bulb go on in your head and you immediately understand what is right and what is wrong with your program.  I highly recommend this book to all companies.

Ken Nicholas

Theory ZYX works. We have a very difficult challenge facing our company. All of our key team members have read this book. Now our organization is aligned and we are confidently applying Theory ZYX.  I highly recommend it to anyone engaged in change

Linda Weaver




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